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{Home}School: The Past Two Weeks

It's been a couple of week since I've done a *weekly wrap-up*, so brace yourself: this is one photo-heavy post!

It's been a full and somewhat exhausting two weeks around here. There have been lots of activities, but my husband has also been recovering from throwing out his back. So along with all of the usual duties, I've been a nurse, too. And honestly, I'm just not a very good nurse. I'm impatient and sort of short on mercy...just confessing my sins, y'all. But I've tried really hard this past week and a half to be better. He's been in such pain, it wasn't hard to have mercy on him. But I'm so glad that he's beginning to feel better and life around here is getting back to normal.

So here are some highlights from these past two weeks:

We've been having lots of *monster cereal* for breakfast all month long. I made the kiddos wait until October 1st before eating any so it's been sort of a big deal for them:)

Last week we took the kiddos to the property that was my grandpa's before he died in 1999. We had fun picnicking and fishing. The kids even enjoyed drawing in their nature journals.

We also spent some time at Natural Dam, AR. We were there for Vince to do some video work, but the kids had a blast playing in the stream. There's nothing like water and rocks to entertain kids for hours.

(a snakeskin that they found)

(playing *David & Goliath* with rocks~this was what Vince was videoing about:)

We began learning about Mercury in our astronomy study and crafted a salt dough model of Mercury. That turned out pretty cool!

The kiddos have been enjoying a *new* game that Vince picked up at a yard sale. It was one he enjoyed as a kid~Crossfire! They love it!

Last week in the *Blood & Guts* co-op class The Princess got to dissect a pig's kidney. I love the expression on her face here!

Over the weekend we took my mom and went to my all-time fave arts and crafts fair in War Eagle, AR. It was a gorgeous day and we had fun~I scored a gorgeous scarf with some of my birthday $$!!

This week Mr. B constructed a fort of sorts and did some of his school work there. It was a very productive time for him!

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to take the kiddos to hear the US Marine Band~The President's Own! They were absolutely WONDERFUL!! I mean, who doesn't love a good John Phillips Sousa march?! ALL of the selections they played were fantastic! The kids thoroughly enjoyed them, too, and even Mr. B was remarkably well-behaved during the entire performance. It was a fun night!

We enjoyed making *I Want S'More Muffins* this week. Mr. B was super excited~actually he just wakes up like this...haha

We've been talking about the time in history when the Israelite nation is born. The kids enjoyed chalking out Joseph's coat of many colors on the driveway during one lesson. It was fun sitting out there reading to them while they chalked. Our driveway is often the site of fabulous works of art!

Friday was a fun day~we headed to the local performing arts center to see a production of Cinderella in *Happily Ever After*. It was really cute~I'm so glad to have opportunities to take the kiddos to live performances and productions. It's such an enriching experience!

And after a fun and busy afternoon at co-op I was more than ready to come home to relax. How excited I was to find my new (and only) pair of TOMS shoes waiting for me! They fit like a comfy, cozy pair of socks~just wonderful! And did I mention that Vince got them for me with a free $50 gift card that he received at Catalyst?!

Now I'm ready for a relaxing weekend! I hope you have a great one, too!

This post is linked to The Weekly Wrap-up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Joelle said…
Busy indeed, but looks like great fun and lots of learning. Love the nature adventures. I hope you do indeed have a restful week-end.
Carrie said…
I LOVE the pic of your daughter puckering up to the fish!! So precious!! ;)
Ellen said…
What a fabu two weeks! Loved all the photos. You all have done some awesome things!

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