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End of the Week Wrap-up {week 27}

So I just realized how badly I have slacked this year on the weekly wrap-ups :/  Kind of feel bad about that. 

Okay.  I'm over it.  

This just hasn't been the year of the weekly wrap-up, I guess.

But there's always now and I thought I'd jump back in there.

Part of the reason I haven't been motivated to post our weekly wraps has been that so many of our weeks have been really hard this year.  You may remember my post last fall about how our 9-yr-old son, Mr. B, has been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  We are still learning how that is effecting us as a family, how we can better help him succeed, and how to handle the daily challenges.  And there are many daily challenges.  Often in the evenings I am just emotionally wrung out (this explains my lack of blogging in recent months).  

I am very hopeful that we are learning new and better ways to help our son learn and grow in areas where he really struggles.  Focusing on school work is currently a huge issue at our house.  I have tried what feels like everything under the sun, primarily in the way of natural products and behavior modification.    We recently made the (very big for us) decision to try medication.  We are just at the beginning stages of seeing if it helps, but I am hopeful.  

As for what's been happening in our homeschool lately...

We started the month off with a weekend trip to Arkansas, then headed back home to celebrate Vince's birthday.  He was awesome and chose some super fun things to do on his special day (birthdays are school holidays here, btw).  

We went to the science museum in Nashville.

Next we went to a trampoline park.

Then along came our biggest snowstorm of the year (and hopefully the last!) so we cozied up at home for a few days.  

The Princess participated in her first-ever speech contest with our local 4-H chapter and did a great job!

We made a model of a lung for that chapter of our human anatomy study.

We attended a local international festival.  Mr. B was especially excited to visit the Japanese booth--he loves origami!

Our homeschool group enjoyed a special history program presented by a member of the local chapter of the Sons of the Revolutionary War.  

The Princess turned 12 and we had a blast celebrating her!!

And just yesterday we enjoyed a tour of the offices and production area of our local newspaper.  It was so interesting!

It has definitely been a busy month!!  In fact the first three months of this year have really flown by.  I am trying to figure out ways of slowing down the rest of the year~any ideas?!

We are plugging along with our studies with the end of the year looking much closer :)  We've made it far enough along in the year to know what's working well for us and where we would like to make some changes for next year.  Last week I attended Teach Them Diligently in Nashville and was able to get a head-start on preparing for next year.  You can read more about that here.  And I'll be blogging soon about some of those changes we'll be making.

And now we're looking at the end of March.  Whaaaa???  So much to do before our school year wraps up.

What have you been up to lately?


LM said…
Happy to see the strides you made this year. The kiddos look great. Hang in there mom, your son is only at the beginning of his journey and no one other than you and your husband know what's best for him. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.
grtlyblesd said…
Oooh, a newspaper sounds like a fun field trip! :) I'm struck by only having 2 months left to our school year, too. (How is it that we still have half the math book left??)

Thank you for your encouraging words!! :)


The newspaper really was fun~and informative!

And I totally know what you mean about still having so much left in our books :( This may be the year that I learn to let it go!


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